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April 05, 2018 1 min read

It's Time to Conquer Thursdays! Follow along every Thursday for the next few weeks as we focus on a different feature of the new VICI Technical Racing Suit every week.


BODIMAX Technology is no longer just for recovery! Now, it's for racing! For the first time ever, recovery meets racing with VICI. The intelligent BODIMAX fibers in VICI support muscle recovery, decrease lactic acid buildup, and increase oxygen flow.

Due to the significant impact of BODIMAX Technology in the fabric, we encourage swimmers to warm up in their VICI Tech Suit instead of an old poly training suit. Wearing VICI in warmups will increase blood flow and oxygen flow in the muscles prior to competition.

That concludes It's Time to Conquer Thursdays! Thanks for following along! Do you still have more questions? Send us an email at

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