You’ve read all of the articles and you’ve heard what we have to say about BODIMAX Technology and BODIMAX Sleeves. This time, we’re going to take the back seat and let someone else tell you about BODIMAX. Athletes, coaches, sports physiologists, they all want to share their BODIMAX experiences with you!

And we’re not talking paid, sponsored endorsements from A3 athletes and coaches. We’re talking about people who train with the BODIMAX Sleeves daily and believe in their technology.


Dr. Genadijus Sokolavas

Ph.D., Global Sport Technology, Inc., Director of US Pentathlon Team

“Our 30-day study showed that high school swimmers improved on average 1.5 seconds more over 200 yards when wearing the sleeves versus not wearing the sleeves. I believe that the longer athletes wear the BODIMAX Sleeves, the more improvements can be seen.”


David Guthrie

Masters National & World Record Holder, International Masters Hall of Fame Member

“I’ve been training some in the BODIMAX Sleeves and I think they’re excellent. I’ve tried wearing them outside of the pool, which offers the benefits advertised. The sleeves do everything as described. My arms don’t overheat and, while I like the feeling of support with them on, my feel for the water is enhanced when I take them off and I don’t feel like I’m slipping or spinning at all. I actually experience all of this before I read much about them, so that really confirmed by experience!”


David Sims

1980 USA Olympic Team Member & Masters National & World Record Holder

 “I’ve been training with the BODIMAX sleeves for almost a year and love the way they enhance my recovery.  By wearing the sleeves during both swimming and dryland workouts I feel more energetic throughout the remainder of the day and also more ready to train the following day.” 


Renata Sander

FINA World Cup Medalist, 82-time Brazilian National Championship Medalist

“I’ve always been a big fan of compressionwear for recovery. I use compression for training, competition, dryland, and weightlifting, but BODIMAX sleeves take it to another level by allowing us to wear compression in water too! That’s a great differential as a swimmer!

BODIMAX Sleeves don’t make me ‘lose the feeling’ in the water as we can think, it feels really good actually, especially in cold days when it keeps a great thermoregulation.

During championships, I wear them all the time – while resting in the hotel, during warmup, and after a race during cool down so I can speed up my recovery process. When I take them off, my arms feel lighter and looser.


Alex Kostich

Open Water Swimmer, Former US National Team Member

“I’m noticing a definite difference in how I feel in the water during my workouts; by the end of my 8km sessions, I’m feeling like I want to tear them off (much like a drag suit) and try some faster turnover without them! I also realize I need to stick with it for a while in order to feel longer-term effects. They take getting used to for sure, but I am liking the immediate effects of not feeling as broken down after a workout. Recently, after a 2-hour swim workout the same morning, I went to the gym and lifted an hour and didn’t feel the effects of my morning workout at all. I attribute this to the BODIMAX Sleeves because I rarely do a double and if I do I am usually sore and tired in the evening’s second session!”



Karlyn Pipes

International Swimming Hall of Fame Member, Inspirational Speaker, Author of The Do Over

“After my first workout in the A3 BODIMAX arm sleeves, I was in LOVE! My arms felt light, my muscles felt supported by the compression and I swam really fast! I recommend everyone to try out this new technology.”


Tyler Barnes

Powerlifter, Olympic Hopeful 

“One of the huge benefits of using the BODIMAX Sleeves while doing Olympic lifts, for me, is the warmth it brings to my arms. With all of the gripping I have to do with Olympic lifting, I feel like my grip lasts a lot longer since my forearms are staying warm with the increased blood circulation. On the days that I have a ton of overhead work, my triceps used to fatigue a lot faster before using the BODIMAX Sleeves. Now I get more reps in with heavier weight as I do my presses three times a week without a ton of muscle fatigue. After I take them off, that’s when I really notice the increased blood circulation. You can feel the fresh blood rushing to the muscles.”


Kyle Sockwell

FloSports, Arizona State University Swimming Alum

“I was skeptical at first about the A3 BODIMAX Sleeves but was lucky enough to get to try them out for a good bit. To my surprise, they felt extremely natural in the water and didn't interrupt my stroke as I thought they might. At no point in my workouts did I feel constricted or uncomfortable in the sleeves and they almost began to feel like a tech suit for your arms after some time. Not only do they look good, but I did notice some difference in blood flow and recovery after wearing them for an extended period of time. All in all, I'd definitely recommend at least giving the sleeves a try for elite level competitors who are looking for the next product to give them a leg up on the competition."


Melanie Lattin

Ensworth Aquatics Coach, Personal Trainer, Swim Mom

“Consistent, challenging practices along with a proper recovery are elements that are critical to achieving your potential and being the best in any sport. The A3 Performance BODIMAX Sleeves help you to do both. The sleeves allow you to train at your maximum levels in dryland, push yourself in the water, and feel energized for the next day’s practice.  The BODIMAX sleeves also create a better feel of the water once you take them off. Your sensations, body awareness, and ability to hold water increase.  I was skeptical that compression sleeves would make any difference but they are a phenomenal product that will always be a part of my athletes’ training routine.” 


Rachel J.

Masters Swimmer, A3 Performance Customer

“The BODIMAX sleeves are an outstanding advantage to a higher performance advantage to anyone who is looking to add greater support to arm strokes. I have rheumatoid arthritis and they offer continued warmth throughout my hour workout which results in less fatigue and longer workouts. There are NO restrictions in arm movement and actually aids in longevity of performance with less soreness in elbows and shoulders. I highly recommend these sleeves they are the best-added attribute to my swimming and will no longer swim without my BODIMAX sleeves. Don't miss out on the superb quality of such a great asset to all of your goals whether for training competitively or for fitness.”


What Are People Saying About Bodimax What Are People Saying About Bodimax What Are People Saying About Bodimax
May 15, 2018 — A3 Performance


Elle Meinholz-A3 Performance Marketing Director said:

Hi Tim! Thank you for the positive comment. We are working on the final details for BODIMAX calf sleeves. We appreciate your patience as we develop this product, and we hope to have something for our athletes sometime in the Fall.

Tim Glenn said:

When are you going to make Bodimax sleeves for the calf? Love the arm sleeves!

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