BODIMAX Performance Compression Sleeves make a significant impact on athlete training and performance. Originally designed for aquatic use, BODIMAX Sleeves are benefiting a variety of athletes far beyond the pool or open water. What makes these compression sleeves more powerful, beneficial, and impactful than standard compression wear is that they are powered by BODIMAX Technology, which greatly improves the body's ability to recover and perform.


Take a closer look at the infographic below to learn more about the power of BODIMAX Performance Compression Sleeves and BODIMAX Technology!


A3 Performance BODIMAX Compression Sleeves Technology Infographic

Still skeptical? So were these athletes! Check out what these skeptics turned believers have to say about their personal experiences training in A3 Performance BODIMAX Sleeves!




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January 06, 2020 — A3 Performance

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