You already know that VICI is unlike any other tech suit on the market. We've spent a lot of time telling the swimming world that this technical racing suit is fast, well-designed, and technologically-advanced, and it is. What we haven't spent as much time talking about, though, is how VICI is supposed to fit. Much like its technology, VICI's fit is unlike any other tech suit.

Simply put, VICI fits BETTER. 

Nearly every athlete that has tried on a VICI tech suit for the first time has gotten their suit on in 15 minutes or less. 


A common misconception of tech suits is that if it takes less than 20 minutes to put on, it's probably too big. There wasn't enough struggle. Tech suits have a reputation of struggle and discomfort, but that is not the case with VICI. Swimmers shouldn't have to ruin their taper to get their racing suit on, and with VICI, now you don't have to!

Hear what A3 Performance CEO and Lead Tech Suit Developer Dan Meinholz has to say about how VICI should fit and what makes it different than its competitors:

Getting a new tech suit, although really exciting, can also be somewhat of a frustrating experience. Every brand and every style runs a little differently, and it feels impossible to know what size you truly are. Beyond creating a quality suit that fits well, we've done our very best to help ease this process.

Our team of developers spent numerous hours, days, weeks, and even years carefully designing VICI. Throughout this process, the A3 development team created an excellent sizing chart to help athletes all over the world find their perfect size. If you are looking at getting a new A3 VICI, our dedicated staff is always happy to help, but we also encourage you to get your measurements and check out that sizing chart!


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VICI – It's Time to Conquer 
Vici How Should It Fit Vici How Should It Fit Vici How Should It Fit

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