A3 Performance recently unveiled our newest addition to our innovative line of swim training equipment - the Power Paddle. With the introduction of the Power Paddle, some of you may be wondering which A3 Performance Hand Paddle is right for you. Although we feel that most athletes should make room in their mesh bag for both the Fusion Paddles and Power Paddles, we'll break down some of the key differences between the two to help you understand where these paddles fit into your daily in-water training regime.

Paddle Shape:

The Fusion Paddle is highlighted by an ergonomic curve on the palm for a more natural-feeling pull. The Power Paddle is a flat paddle with an ergonomic contour under the palm of your hand. 

Mechanics versus Power Output:

The hydrodynamic shape of the Fusion Paddle promotes proper stroke mechanics while adding minimal resistance to your training. The Power Paddle has a larger surface area for greater resistance and power output. 

One of the main benefits to training with the Fusion Paddles is that it is ideal for working on catch and rotation. The Power Paddles can be great for basic stroke mechanics as well, but the primary benefit to training with them is building power and stamina in your stroke.

Silicone Tubing:

While both sets of paddles come with their own 100% silicone paddle tubing, placement looks a little different on each. The Fusion Paddles come with pre-threaded, easy-adjust straps, with one strap going around the middle finger and one going around the wrist. The Power Paddles come threaded with similar tubing also around the middle finger and the wrist - however, with more holes in the paddle and a greater surface area, there are more placement opportunities to try with the Power Paddles.


A simple difference, but something worth noting, is the difference in sizing for these two paddles. The Fusion Paddles come in two sizes, Small & Large, with most high-school level swimmers and up training in the Large Paddles, while the Power Paddles are available in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. Depending on skill level and stroke work, some swimmers may enjoy training with two different Power Paddle Sizes. 

A3 Performer Beata Nelson uses the Medium (White) Power paddles for her regular freestyle, pull sets, but likes to incorporate the Small (Red) Power Paddles when she trains backstroke, butterfly, or even sometimes breaststroke. 


The Perfect Pull

As we mentioned above, it's important to make room in your equipment bag for both swim paddles. We encourage athletes to mix up their workouts and incorporate both the Power Paddles and Fusion Paddles for a dynamic swim workout. Plus, incorporate a pull buoy and A3 Ankle Eight to stabilize your legs, hips, and core for the perfect pull every time. 

A3 Performance Perfect Pulling System

Still have questions? Visit the individual product pages for the Fusion or Power Paddles to get paddle size measurements and more information. You can also contact us via one of the methods below and one of our customer service reps will be able to get you into the right paddle!


Call us: 262-244-0442

Email us: info@a3performance.com

Text us: 608-573-5038



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June 06, 2022 — Elle Meinholz

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