November 14, 2019 – Last month, A3 Performance ran a special campaign to celebrate the Underdogs of our swimming community and to recognize the adversity they have overcome in their swimming careers and in their lives. We all know someone who has put in the work to defy the odds and overcome their obstacles, and they deserve to be recognized.

 Our mission in promoting this campaign was to give recognition and praise to the everyday swimmer. The Underdog is not always the fastest, the best, or the most powerful, but what we saw over and over in the stories of our nominations is that the Underdog has the most heart. 

We are overwhelmed by the amount of nominations we received, filled with people’s praise, admiration, and respect for many amazing athletes. We received hundreds of nominations and were incredibly moved by the stories we read. We were so moved, in fact, that we could not pick one Ultimate Underdog. We are proud to announce A3 Performance’s three Ultimate Underdogs, ten runner-ups, and honorable mention:

Corey Smith
Emma Pajtash
Bryce Kirk
Honorable Mention:
Sarah Bofinger
Elijah Haight
Ethan Haynes
Valerie Yankauskas
Hannah Nelson
Maggie Scherder
Jacob Beyer
Ashlyn Reidhead
Cailey Peele
Sawyer Graczyk
Florence Kock


When we started this campaign, our mission was to inspire you, the swimming community. What actually happened was that you inspired us. We are honored to have been able to share in your stories, challenges and successes.

Over the coming weeks, we will highlight each of our aforementioned Underdogs and their stories. Please follow along with us and be inspired by some truly incredible people.

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November 14, 2019 — A3 Performance
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