A3 Performance is proud to announce that partner, Hope Floats Foundation has launched a COVID-19 Scholarship Relief Fund. In light of COVID-19, children have been more vulnerable to the threat of drowning than ever before. This scholarship relief fund is making a huge difference, providing scholarships to local families so their children can learn how to swim.

Read the full press release from Hope Floats Foundation and support this cause below.

Hope Floats Foundation, A3 Performance Partner

Woodbridge, Virginia (June 26, 2020) - In response to the economic impact that COVID-19 has had on families and the increase in drowning rates across the country, Hope Floats Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a Covid-19 Scholarship Relief Fund.  The purpose of the fund is to increase the number of scholarships available for local families in need to enroll their children in swim lessons, and ultimately, to save lives.

Hope Floats Foundation, founded in 2016, is a national nonprofit organization.  Its mission is to prevent drownings by providing scholarships for swim lessons.  Hope Floats partners with local communities to offer financial need-based scholarships in over 180 swim school locations in 29 states.  Hope Floats’ provides thousands of swim lessons for children who otherwise do not have access.

The Hope Floats Foundation Board of Directors has designated more than $15,000 to launch a national Covid-19 Scholarship Relief fund, which will be combined with local fundraising to reach as many families as possible.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has financially crippled families across our country.  Learning to swim is a lifesaving skill that should be afforded to ALL children,” said Cindy Tonnesen, founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Floats Foundation.   She continued, “As our swim school partners across the country begin to reopen their doors, Hope Floats is committed to helping local families in need with the scholarship support necessary to enroll their children in swim lessons.”  

The equivalent of thirteen school buses full of children die each year in the United States due to drowning. It’s the leading cause of accidental death for children under age 5 and the second leading cause of accidental death for children under age 14.  While studies at the National Institute of Health show that swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88%, swim schools across the country closed their doors in March to protect their clients from the Covid-19 pandemic.  The closures combined with the economic impact of Covid-19 have caused children to be at a higher risk of drowning and an increased need for Hope Floats scholarship support.  

Hope Floats Foundation relies on private individuals, organizations and businesses to help fund its lifesaving programs.  Jackrabbit Swim has kicked off the public fundraising portion of the campaign with a $5,000 donation that will be awarded in the form of a $1 for $1 match.  Hope Floats scholarships are also made possible by ongoing support from the United States Swim School Association, FINIS, Hammer Head Swim Caps, A3 Performance, and the SwimConsultant.com.

To help save lives, you can donate to this fund by visitinghttps://commitchange.com/va/woodbridge/hope-floats-foundation/campaigns/the-hope-floats-covid-19-scholarship-relief-fund   Checks can also be mailed to Hope Floats Foundation at 14531 Potomac Mills Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22192.

For more information about Hope Floats Foundation, please visit: www.hopefloats.foundation


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June 26, 2020 — A3 Performance
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