A3 Performance is excited to finally unveil their latest innovation, VICI Technical Racing. After years of research and development, A3 Performance brings the world's most technologically-advanced racing suit to the market. 

What's even more exciting is that VICI's advanced technology is matched by its speed. You may remember last year when A3 Performance and Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas conducted a lab on technical racing suit speeds from leading brands. At the time this data was released, VICI was still in the development stages and LEGEND prevailed as the fastest current racing suit. Now, with the unveiling of VICI, A3 Performance is ecstatic to announce that VICI tested to be even faster than LEGEND, with 10% more speed than the lab's slowest racing suit. 

To celebrate VICI's release, A3 Performance is giving away a FREE Stealth Dome Racing Cap with every pre-order placed now through Thursday, February 8th (a $16 value!)

VICI is unlike any other racing suit in the sport.