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LIMITED EDITION - A3 Performance VICI Female Powerback Technical Racing Swimsuit

Red/Charcoal 440
Charcoal/Red 420
Charcoal/Pink 520
Charcoal/Teal 820


A3 Performance introduces the most technologically-advanced, FINA approved racing suit to hit the water. It's Time to Conquer.

  • First-ever technical racing suit built with BODIMAX Technology, an advanced textile technology that supports muscle recovery and impacts performance.
  • Elite fabric deserves a fast surface like our Fastwater Surface Treatment, a patented polymer that induces water flow and reduces resistance.
  • The Core Compression System focuses compression on the three main areas of resistance: chest, core, and hips/legs.
  • Improved from LEGEND, the VICI's Powerback provides maximum compression across the core and lats and it allows for a greater range of motion.
  • Athletes will be more comfortable than ever with the Pro Flex Straps,which allow greater flexion through the shoulders.

For sizing recommendation, please view the sizing guide below. If measurements fall in between sizes or you have questions, please contact us at 888-369-7946 and we will provide our recommendation for sizing. *Note, swimwear cannot be returned once worn in the water.

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Introducing Vici

With the words “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  Julius Caesar proclaimed a swift, decisive victory over his opponents in 47 BC.  In 2018, his words still ring true in the latest innovation by A3 Performance.  Introducing VICI (VEE – CHEE), the world's most technologically-advanced, FINA approved racing suit.

Since its inception, A3 Performance has been on the cutting edge of innovation, and VICI is no exception.  For the first time ever, technical racing meets recovery – VICI’s elite racing fabric is built with BODIMAX Technology, an advanced textile technology that supports muscle recovery and impacts performance.

Elite fabric deserves a fast surface, and A3 delivers!  Fastwater Surface Treatment coats the BODIMAX fabric, inducing water flow and reducing resistance for a hydrodynamic feel every time you dive into the water.

When it comes to racing, what’s on the inside is equally as important as what’s on the outside. VICI’s internal Core Compression System (CCS) works with the Fastwater surface to reduce drag on the body’s contact points, while compressing the Chest, Core, and Hips/Legs for ideal body position and performance at top speed. Feel the freedom to move naturally and quickly through the water, without restriction.

Prepare to conquer with the world's most technologically-advanced racing suit.

A3 Performance VICI Technical Racing Swimsuit - It's Time to Conquer.