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Welcome to the Mountain View High School Team Store!

Every athlete is required to purchase a team suit, team cap, and team t-shirt! If you would like to purchase any extras, you can purchase them below!

Suit order Deadline - August 10th

For any questions on sizing, fit, orders, etc, please email me at or give us a call at 262 244 0442 and we are happy to assist you!

MVHS Silicone Cap $12.00
MVHS Silicone Caps (2-Pack with Names) $30.00
MVHS Team Suit Xback $58.00
MVHS Team Suit Brief $35.00
MVHS Team Suit Jammer $42.00
Team Force X Goggles $16.00
Team Fuse X Goggle $19.20
Team Fuse Goggle $16.00
Team Avenger X Goggle $17.60
Team Avenger Goggle $14.40
Team Training Snorkel $30.00
Team Pro Pull Buoy $10.00
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