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A3 Performance is so excited to partner with Nampa Swim Team!

It is Championship Season and we are ready for some FAST SWIMMING!

If you have any questions regarding A3 Tech suits, sizing, and or delivery, please reach out! 


If you have any questions about suits, equipment, sizing, orders, etc please don't hesitate to reach out and email us at, call us at (262) 244-0442, or chat with us online!
The Nampa Swim Team provides all equipment for swimmers in Levels 1-3 and most of the equipment for level 4, however, if you wish to purchase your own equipment here is a list of the recommended equipment for each practice group by level.
Level 1-3: (all optional) Please speak to your coach before purchasing any equipment.
Level 4: Swift Kick Fins, mesh bag, snorkel
Levels 5&6: Swift Kick Fins, snorkel, paddles, pull buoy, mesh bag

* All Team Caps can be purchased through your coaches!

Nampa Female Flashback $58.00
Nampa Female Sprintback $58.00
Nampa Female Xback $58.00
Nampa Male Jammer $42.00
Nampa Male Brief $35.00
Team Nova Female Kneeskin $99.00
Team Black Nova Female Tank $84.00
Team Black Nova Male Jammer $84.00
Team VICI Female Closed Back Technical Racing Swimsuit $319.25
Team VICI Female Powerback Technical Racing Swimsuit $319.25
Team VICI Male Jammer Technical Racing Swimsuit $239.25
Team PHENOM Female Closed Back Technical Racing Swimsuit $399.20
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