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The Nampa Swim Team provides all equipment for swimmers in Levels 1-3 and most of the equipment for level 4, however, if you wish to purchase your own equipment here is a list of the recommended equipment for each practice group by level.

Level 1-3: (all optional) Please speak to your coach before purchasing any equipment.

Level 4: Swift Kick Fins, mesh bag, snorkel

Levels 5&6: Swift Kick Fins, snorkel, paddles, pull buoy, mesh bag

Team Fuse X Goggle $19.20
Team Fuse Goggle $16.00
Team Avenger X Goggle $17.60
Team Avenger Goggle $14.40
Team Force Goggles $14.40
Team Force X Goggles $16.00
Team Wired Nose Clip $2.36
Team Pro Nose Clip $3.96
A3 Performance Goggle Bungee Strap $5.00
Team Mesh Bag $10.00
Team Kickboard $15.00
Team Training Snorkel $30.00
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