Team PHENOM Female Closed Back Technical Racing Swimsuit



Innovation is seeing what everyone has seen, thinking what no one has thought, and bringing that idea to life. Phenom is the innovative culmination of years of industry experience and research, breaking the mold of technical racing technology. 

To achieve what nobody else has, you must do what nobody else has ever done. Training, recovery, nutrition, racing are all evolving. It’s time for racing technology to evolve and it has...PHENOM.

A person of phenomenal ability and promise, deserves to race in a suit that matches their potential. Phenom isn’t just a racing suit, it’s the athlete inside the suit. A3 Performers who choose Phenom to take their racing to the next level experience never-before-used racing technology. Choose Phenom and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Data-Driven Design – every element of Phenom is the result of extensive testing, data collection, and analysis. PHENOM was designed and developed to create the fastest surface in the water of any FINA approved technical racing suit.
  • SlipStream® – Phenom's fabric outperforms its competitors with its SlipStream® Water Management Technology - the first ever hydrophilic water treatment technology used in technical racing. SlipStream® works synergistically with the micro-roughness of Phenom's surface to help reduce the friction of the suit and create a boundary layer of water around the suit, the slip layer. This hydrophilic technology is significantly faster when compared to the traditional technology of hydrophobic treatment.
  • Bonded Seam Compression - Phenom's elite seaming process controls muscle compression throughout the body without limiting joint and muscle mobility.
  • Fabric Channels - Phenom's channeled fabric controls water movement and creates body lift and efficiencies in every stroke. The vertical channels across the body of the suit transfer energy and force from all forward or lateral movement to direct forward movement or propulsion.