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Welcome to your A3 Performance Team Store! Get team suits, equipment, goggles, and more all at your Breakers Team Price! 

All custom suit and apparel orders will be shipped in bulk to Stephanie Antonov 4-5 weeks following the deadline of 8/16/21. All other items, including goggles, equipment, etc. will be shipped individually to your home.


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Team Pro Fin $25.00
Team Training Snorkel $30.00
Team A3 Swift Kick Fin $30.00
Team Kickboard $15.00
Team Avenger X Goggle $17.60
Team Pro Pull Buoy $10.00
Team Fusion Paddles $12.80
Team Fuse X Goggle $19.20
Team Force Goggles $14.40
Team Ankle Eight $6.50
Team Fuse Goggle $16.00
Team Tribal Geo Female Xback Swimsuit $45.00
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