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Team Fitting at Waunakee High School Commons from 6 pm to 8 pm on Thursday, April 5th to be sized for suits and apparel.

  • Pre-orders can be placed prior to the fitting, to ensure product availability and to be delivered to the fitting for pickup. Please do not preorder team suits or apparel unless you are positive on the correct size. On-site inventory the day of the fitting is NOT guaranteed. 
  • Free delivery to the fitting is available by using promo code WW18 until 12 noon on April 5th. Delivery eligible items include equipment, goggles, and non-decorated items. Team-decorated items will be delivered after the fitting with all other orders

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    Team Fuse Goggle $16.00
    Team Force X Goggles $16.00
    Team BODIMAX Calf Sleeves $46.50
    Team BODIMAX Arm Sleeves $51.25
    Team A3 Swift Kick Fin $30.00