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VICI Interactive

  • Bodimax Technology

    Bodimax Technology

    The first-ever technical racing fabric built with intelligent fibers that support muscle recovery, increase oxygen flow, and decrease lactic acid buildup – BODIMAX impacts performance.

  • Fastwater Surface Treatment

    Fastwater Surface Treatment

    The fastest fabric in the water unites with the fastest surface. A patented polymer coats the intelligent BODIMAX fabric, inducing water flow and reducing resistance.

  • Core Compression System

    Core Compression System (CCS)

    The internal structure works with the Fastwater surface to reduce drag on the body’s contact points, while compressing three major areas of resistance: Chest, Core, & Hip/Legs. CCS compresses the body for ideal body position and performance at top speed.

  • Powerback


    Improved design to provide maximum compression across the core and lats with a greater range of motion and a better fit.

  • Pro Flex Straps

    Pro Flex Straps

    For a comfortable, secure fit that allows greater flexion through the shoulders, so you can nail the perfect streamline.