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A3 Performance Perfect Pulling System

Buoy Color
Red/White/Blue 303
Fusion Paddle Size
Ankle 8

A3 Performance's Perfect Pulling System is comprised of the Fusion Paddles, Pro Pull Buoy, and Ankle 8. This system is designed for swimmers to maintain proper stroke technique while building their strength and endurance. The Pro Pull Buoy and the Ankle 8 build core strength and balance in stroke, while the Fusion Paddles facilitate proper pull while building arm, shoulder, and lat strength. Purchase all three pieces of equipment as a system and save $12!


Please note that there are two sizes of paddles to choose from. ↓↓↓

The Large paddles are blue, measure 8 1/2" in height, and are ideal for adults and juniors.

The Small paddles are red, measure 7 1/2" in height, and are ideal for juniors and youth.

*If you are still unsure of what size you should select for your swimmer, please measure your swimmer's hand from the base of their palm to the top of their longest finger and compare against the size of the paddles. If you have questions, contact us at 262-244-0442 or