Putting on a tech suit is no easy task. Even the veteran swimmers will tell you that it can be a challenging process, at first. But, with a few special tips from our A3 Performers and former collegiate swimmers on the A3 Team, putting on your racing suit will be a breeze! *Don't miss the #9 Bonus Tip!
  1. First and foremost, please have patience. If you take as much care in putting on your A3 Tech Suit as we did in creating it, you will have an awesome experience.
  2. Turn out the base of the leg so the silicone gripper faces outward and doesn’t stick to the skin. This will make it easier for the suit to slide up the legs and not get stuck.
  3. Pull the base of the leg up higher than where you would normally wear when you’re racing. This gives you a little more fabric to work with near the hip area. **Sometimes it helps to sit down first or cross your legs and then work on pulling the legs up
  4. Gentlemen, lucky for you, you don't have to worry about straps and another half of tech suit to put on. However, pay special attention to the waistband. NOT ALL WAISTBANDS TIE THE SAME. Some waistbands you pull out, others you need to pull in, but it's important to recognize that all waistbands tie differently. Pay attention and don't rip your tech suit's waistband on your first wear! Forget the drawstring hassle on VICI Jammers that feature the new FitLock – the first-ever drawstring lock designed to lock your suit in place and secure your fit.
  5. Always keep the straps up above the rest of the suit. Pull up the base of the suit as much as you can, then pull up the straps as much as you can. Repeat and alternate pulling the suit up from the base and then from the straps. Don’t let the straps get caught or tangled in the rest of suit as you pull it up.
  6. This tip is only pertinent to swimmers trying the suit on in a dressing room or at home, but if you’re having a hard time with the hips, sometimes it helps to lay on the ground and work on the hips.
  7. If you are putting on a Powerback suit, as weird as it may sound, you will have to tuck your butt cheeks into the suit to help pull it up past your butt. This back style is pretty compressive and the hole is smaller, so be careful and move slow.
  8. If you are not confident pulling the straps up on your own, ASK FOR HELP! Have someone pull the armhole out while you slip your arm in and dip your shoulder through. **Sometimes it helps to stick your elbow through the armhole first.
  9. BONUS:  VICI Technical Racing Suits have unanimously been significantly easier for athletes to get on because of its excellent design and fit. If you're looking for something that will help you swim fast AND not ruin your taper, then we recommend checking out VICI. **Even the girls typically take 10-15 minutes on average! Say goodbye to 45 minutes in the locker room 👋👋👋


A3 Performance is a brand built on a passion for swimming, athletes, and performance. We encourage swimmers to swim better and faster at all ages and levels, from beginners to Olympians. A3 Performance strives to enrich the sport of swimming with innovative and impactful products that inspire swimmers to be their very best – an A3 Performer.

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7 Tips To Getting On Your Racing Suit 7 Tips To Getting On Your Racing Suit 7 Tips To Getting On Your Racing Suit  A3 Performance Pinterest

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