A3 Performance was founded by Dan and Amy Meinholz in 2004 as a proprietary brand of All-American Aquatics, a nationally recognized swim team dealer. A3 Performance quickly became known for developing some of the top swimming goggles and training equipment in the sport of swimming.  As demand for A3 Performance product grew, so did A3’s product offering. Today, A3 Performance is proud to be an innovation leader in competitive swimming, offering a full line of competitive swimwear including training suits, swim caps, goggles, training equipment, BODIMAX Sleeves, and elite technical racing suits.

As A3 Performance grew, so did the Meinholz family. Amy's involvement in the business took a backseat so she could be home to better support Dan, the business, and her busy family of athletes. 

Motivated to better serve customers and to improve swimmers’ training and racing, Dan is dedicated to developing products that enhance athletic performance.

As a former national record holder, national champion and Big Ten athlete at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dan has a thorough understanding of the culture and demands of the sport of swimming. His experience and expertise facilitate the development of innovative products. A3 Performance products have become the choice of National Champions, American Record Holders, NCAA Champions, World Record Holders, and Olympic Gold Medalists.

The drive and effort of Dan has not changed in his transition from an athlete to a brand leader. Dan is driven to be his best with a goal to become the best. A3 Performance is dedicated to bringing innovative swimwear and products that allow you to train better, swim faster, and be your best.

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