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A3 Performance Stealth Techincal Racing Suit

Stealth Technical Racing Suit

A3 Performance was founded in 2004 as a proprietary brand of All-American Aquatics, a national team dealer. As demand grew for our high-quality, in-house product, A3 Performance developed into the most innovative brand of performance swimwear in the country. A3 first brought innovation to the sport of swimming with its first FINA approved technical racing suit, the Stealth. In 2012, A3 Performance unveiled the Stealth at pools across the country including NCAAs and Olympic Trials. Not only was the Stealth A3's first technical racing suit, it was also the sport's first-ever closed back female racing suit (post full-body suit era). The compression and hydrodynamics of this suit quickly made it a fan favorite, and one of the most popular suit styles on the pool deck.


A3 Performance Powerback Legend Racing Suit

Powerback Innovation

After great success with the Stealth, A3 Performance developed a new level of compression in technical racing with the Powerback. A3's LEGEND technical racing suit, released in 2015, features the first-ever Powerback style, defined by a small opening across the lower back. The Powerback is designed for ultimate compression through the core and lats. This innovative design also provides great flexibility and maximum range of motion in the water. In January 2017, LEGEND was tested against the latest technology of all of the top swimwear brands and resulted as the fastest technical racing suit in the water. The Powerback is a fast style of racing suit. Today, A3 Performance continues to carry out our mission as the most innovative and accessible brand of performance swimwear in the world.


A3 Performance BODIMAX Compression Sleeves


After four years of research and development, A3 Performance unleashed its latest and greatest innovation in 2017, the BODIMAX Sleeves – the first-ever aquatic and intelligent compressionwear. The BODIMAX Sleeves are compression arm sleeves built for in-water training and designed to help athletes train at a higher level for a longer period of time. During training, the BODIMAX Sleeves' intelligent BODIMAX Technology prolongs the onset of lactic acid and helps the body become more efficient in clearing lactic acid and recovering. The BODIMAX Sleeves have changed the way athletes train.


A3 Performance VICI Technical Racing Swimsuit

VICI Technical Racing

For the first time ever, A3 Performance unites recovery and performance. The A3 Performance VICI Technical Racing Suits are the first technical racing suits built with BODIMAX Technology, the same impressive technology in our BODIMAX Sleeves. With VICI, athletes have the ability to improve their muscle recovery and perform at a high level in competition. BODIMAX Technology is one of the many impressive features of VICI. Every detail in the VICI Technical Racing Suits is intentional, significant, and purposeful. Learn more about VICI and see why this is the world's most technologically advanced racing suit.