Technical Racing Suits are an investment. At prices between $100-$500, when parents buy tech suits, they want those suits to last as long as possible. We don't blame you. So, we've put together 10 things to do to make your new tech suit last!

1. Save your tech suit for the big, important swim meets

Don't wear your tech suit at every meet throughout the season, and don't wear your tech suit at practice. Save that special suit, like VICI, for that special meet when you are tapered, rested, and shaved.

2. Wear warm-ups over your suit in between races

Wearing something over your suit in between races doesn't only keep you warm and dry in between races, but it also helps protect your racing suit when you're out of the water. Warm-ups will protect your suit from rubbing up against rough surfaces or snagging on something.

3. Rinse suit in cold water, lay flat to dry after each use

Once a suit comes into contact with chlorine, the chlorine starts to break down the fabric. So, it is important to use cold water to rinse the chlorine out of your tech suit. This is the best way to remove chlorine from your suit and keep it fresher, longer. 

Laying flat to dry helps prolong the suit's compression and tightness. Pull out a towel, lay it out in a safe space, and lay your tech suit down to dry.

4. Avoid rinsing suit in soaps and shampoos

Soaps and shampoos, even swimmer's shampoos, can change the chemical composition of the fabric and affect the water repellent fabric treatment. Like we said in number three, just stick to rinsing in cold water and laying flat to dry.

5. Do NOT iron, blow dry, or expose to high-intensity heat

Intense heat can damage the suit and its water-repellent properties, so avoid anything super hot, including the dryer.

6. Avoid sharp, jagged, or rough surfaces, including sharp fingernails

Accidents happen and they are much more likely to happen when you are working with or near sharp objects. Trim those fingernails before your next big meet to help avoid any possible snags, tears, or splits.

7. Be careful putting on and taking off

Tech suits are expensive, so treat them as expensive items. Don't tug, pull, or squat in a hurry. Not only can snags and holes happen, but if you put enough pressure on the seams in a rush, you could bust the bonding! Oh no! Pull the suit up as high up as you can around the butt area in order to take some of the pressure off those tightly bonded seams. Also, give yourself enough time to carefully put on your tech suit and carefully take it off.

8. Go to the bathroom before you put it on

You don't want to take your suit down and put it back on in a hurry later in the meet. Plus, if you're a pee in the pool kind of swimmer (which many of us are) urine can affect the chemical composition of the water repellency on the fabric and even break down the material down there.

9. Store tech suit in its original box, or simply in a cool, dry place

Tech suit boxes are big enough and sturdy enough to hold your tech suit throughout the season. Plus, there is no confusion as to what you're storing in the box. Keep it simple.

Some tech suit boxes are really cool and definitely worth saving anyway...have you seen VICI's box? 😍

10. Be completely dry when putting the suit on & pull it up ALL the way

Tech suits go on easiest (and we use the word easy lightly) when swimmers are completely dry. We understand that sometimes you aren't so lucky to be completely dry, so do your best and dry off as much as you possibly can. 

Don't overlook pulling your suit up all the way. Your suit will go on easiest when you are dry, so take advantage of this, and pull that suit up as much as possible. Pulling it up all the way helps prevent any discomfort and any bonding busts. 

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Elle Meinholz – A3 Performance Marketing Director said:

Thank you for the comment, Terry. We are unfamiliar with the AquaTog Wash you mention, so it is difficult for us to speak to its value. However, I don’t think it is uncommon for the groin and the middle of the back to wear out first. The groin area doesn’t typically have a lining or a second panel, so it is thinner through that area. Also, although many swimmers may not fess up, going to the bathroom in the tech suit can cause the groin area of the suit to wear out more quickly. The middle of the back of the closed back suit experiences the most friction during racing between starts, turns, and sometimes the actual stroke.

Again, we cannot speak to the value of the AquaTog Wash because of our unfamiliarity. Rinsing in cold water after racing is our best recommendation to prolong the longevity of the suit.

Terry Carter said:

I was advised by the Aqua Shop in Brisbane, Australia to use Vorgee AquaTog Wash to neutralize the chlorine in my racing suits. I used it on my Stealth Racing suits and got good service out of them. The only place they perished was in the groin and in the middle of the back on the closed back version. It sounds like I would be better to you just use cold water. What do you think?

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