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Gentlemen, we did not forget about you! While we did improve the fit and design of our Female Powerback, we also made improvements on the Male Jammer. The VICI Male Jammer sits a little higher in the back to provide full coverage over the butt. Don't be modest, those are big muscles, and you deserve maximum coverage for maximum compression.

We also redesigned the silicone gripper waistband, moving it below the drawstring. By lowering the gripper below the drawstring, we've provided a tighter seal around the waist, preventing water from sneaking in. Tighten up that drawstring, tuck it into the silicone waistband, and you are ready to rock! 


Lock Your Suit in Place Before You Race!

A3 Performance’s newest technology innovates male swimwear unlike anything ever before! Fit Lock Technology is the first-ever swimsuit drawstring lock. Guys, say goodbye to the hassle of a drawstring that loosens during a race or training, having to untie and retie again and again. Now you can tighten your suit with one tug and prevent it from coming loose. Featured on VICI, our elite technical racing jammer, NOVA, our newest racing jammer, and all solid brief and jammer swimsuits, Fit Lock is a proprietary technology designed and developed by  A3 Performance. It is a small lock on the drawstring that holds it in place to secure your fit. Before diving into the water, lock your drawstring in place by simply pulling both drawstrings until you reach your desired tightness. When you are done racing or training, pinch the sides of the Fit Lock, pull, and voilà your drawstring is loosened.

Coming to all A3 Performance male swimwear in 2020


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March 15, 2018 — A3 Performance

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