Compression garments are a popular tool among athletes of all distinctions, as they are known to promote recovery and improve overall performance. Many brands promote that their compression garments improve joint awareness, improve blood flow, facilitate waste product removal, reduce swelling, reduce muscle oscillations, and decrease post-exercise muscle soreness.

A3 Performance promotes all the same benefits of compression in the BODIMAX Sleeves, and many people assume that BODIMAX Sleeves are just that, compression.

However, what many people don't know, is that the basic compression element of the BODIMAX Sleeves only makes up about 10% of the overall value of the product. Essentially, the impact of compression is beneficial but minimal. So, how do BODIMAX products differ from compression?

They're MORE than compression.

At their base, yes, BODIMAX Sleeves are compression sleeves, but that’s not what makes this garment valuable or significant. What makes BODIMAX garments more than your average compression sleeve is the BODIMAX Technology woven into the sleeve. 

BODIMAX Sleeves are engineered with a powerful fabric technology that produces the benefits of compression tenfold. When BODIMAX garments are worn, that’s when the BODIMAX Technology is activated. 

During physical activity, the muscles emit heat, and that heat is absorbed by the BODIMAX fabric and emitted back into the muscles as far infrared energy (FIR). FIR is a natural energy source with numerous, invaluable health benefits.

When the FIR energy waves are transferred back to the muscles, they stimulate circulation in the muscles. Additionally, the capillaries expand to carry more oxygen in the bloodstream to the muscles. These two events further cause the reduction of lactic acid buildup and the improvement of oxygen absorption and utilization in the body.

What all of this means for the body is essentially a stronger, healthier muscle that recovers more quickly and can fire at a higher output for longer and more often.

In short, yes BODIMAX Sleeves are compression sleeves, but the value of their compression is secondary to the value of their fabric.

Take a closer look at how BODIMAX works with the body to significantly impact performance and recovery unlike any compression garment, ever. People are loving how BODIMAX makes them feel in their training – Join the Revolution!


A3 Performance BODIMAX Sleeves
 More Than Compression More Than Compression More Than Compression
September 04, 2018 — A3 Performance

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