You’ve read all of the articles, you’ve heard what we have to say about BODIMAX Technology and BODIMAX Compression Sleeves, and you've heard what people were saying about BODIMAX when the technology was first unveiled.

One year later and...


Coaches, swimmers, baseball players, and athletes of all sorts have all felt the power of BODIMAX Compression Technology and you have to read what they are saying. These are people who have experienced BODIMAX and believe in the technology!


Scott W Janiak-Ross

USMS, Long Beach Grunion Swimmer

"Skip your power bars and protein drinks, buy something that will make a difference in your day to day swimming. My pull sessions are no longer dreaded and arms never fatigue during extended workouts. This product is a game changer!" 


Glenn Tellen

Swim Coach

My team started using BODIMAX sleeves after learning more about them from a clinic. My kids love training in them and I have noticed their ability to stay fresh during hard training. These will continue to be part of my senior team regiment and I now have kids fighting over the few pairs of calf sleeves we have."


C. Williams

Collegiate Baseball Player

"I felt like the sleeve helped me stay loose in between innings where I would normally tighten up. I had less soreness in the throwing arm the day after while wearing the sleeve."


AJ Barbar

2016 Olympian, Lebanese National Team Member

"When I first heard about BODIMAX sleeves I was a little skeptical about them. I wasn’t sure how they would affect my feel for the water. 

When I first jumped in with them it was a little weird, but after the first two or three hundred meters you totally get a feel for them and I really felt a difference in my endurance. I love using them after a big day of heavy lifting in the weight room because my muscles are really tired and sore which usually takes away from my swimming. But with the help from my BODIMAX sleeves, they reduce my fatigue and really enhance my performance in the water."


Casey H.


"My college team uses the BODIMAX Sleeves in the water and for post-workout recovery. This is my new favorite piece of training gear. They are essential for every swimmer. I used them at my mid-season taper meet between sessions and my arms felt great! The quality is amazing compared to products not made for use in water. These compression sleeves have replaced my other ones."


Kyle P.

Collegiate Baseball Player

"I have been a catcher for most of my baseball career. I'm now playing Division I baseball and typically get tendentious in my throwing elbow. I have been wearing my sleeve for a month and have not had any issues. I bought 2 more pair."


Donny B.

Swim Coach

"I started to use the A3 sleeves a year ago and now I use them for everything. I started my senior swimmers on them and they swear by them. The calf sleeves were a bit tight around the heel when putting them on, but I love them. We go fast in practice a lot and I have noticed we are ready to go fast soon after hard training when we use the A3 sleeves. Well done!"


Adam Gura

Endurance Athlete

"The Bodimax Sleeves are great for any endurance sport out of the water too! I used them in a 12-hour endurance challenge called The Suck where I was in and out of the water, lifting heavy weight, and running long distances. My arms never cramped or felt overly tired, even during the 2-mile weighted bucket carries. The material was also thick enough to shield my arms from any thorns in the thick bush or crawling through muddy/rocky terrain."



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