The fastest growing brand of performance swimwear in the world is expanding to the West Coast! A3 Performance is excited to announce the extension of company offices to open in Salem, Oregon!

A3 Performance, founded in 2004, has seen significant growth since the release of our first technical racing suit, Stealth, in 2012. Within months athletes were setting American Records and winning NCAA Champions in the Stealth.  Over the last six years, A3 has become a nationally and internationally recognized leader in innovation and performance swimwear. A3's growth is unmatched.

With increased demand for A3 products and exceptional growth over the last year, A3 Performance decided to extend beyond our Midwest roots and head West. The West coast offices will provide, Sales, Marketing, and Team support. 

Teams wanting to learn more about A3 Performance and how to become an A3 team are encouraged to click here. Teams can also contact:

Midwest & East Coast:

Anna Meinholz


C: (262)-443-7594

West Coast:

Elle Meinholz


C: (262)-443-2594

A3 Performance is the fastest growing brand of performance swimwear in the world. We strive to inspire and enrich the sport of swimming by developing and producing innovative, impactful, and affordable products. Our Mission is to motivate swimmers, coaches, and our staff to be their very best – to be A3 Performers.

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August 28, 2018 — A3 Performance