Now your favorite A3 Performance Goggles are back and better than ever in a variety of new, fun colors! What goggles are we talking about?

We're talking about both the Jr. Avenger and Fuse Goggle lines!

The A3 Performance Jr. Avenger and Jr. Avenger X Goggles are the newest additions to our high-quality line of swimming goggles.

This junior goggle is the ideal goggle for younger swimmers who have outgrown youth sizes but may not be ready for an elite, racing goggle. This time, we've jazzed up our Jr. Avenger Goggles by creating multi-colored straps and gaskets! Check out our newest Jr. Avenger color here and our two new Jr. Avenger X colors here.


The A3 Performance Fuse and Fuse X Goggles are the preferred goggle of A3 Performers! Featured with our patented Fuse Technology (the lens and gasket are literally fused together), the Fuse Goggles provide supreme comfort, excellent peripheral vision, exceptional performance, and sleek, intimidating style. Our curved nosepiece provides ultimate comfort and the ideal face fit. 

                                                             A3 Performance Fuse Goggle-Smoke/Smoke

We know what you're could this goggle possibly get any better?! The new colors of Fuse and Fuse X Goggles are more unique and intimidating than ever. See for yourself, and check out the newest Fuse color here and the new Fuse X colors here.

          A3 Performance Fuse X Goggle - Green/Rainbow     A3 Performance Fuse X Goggle - Purple/Rainbow     A3 Performance Fuse X Goggle - Smoke/Silver

Are you a big fan of the old colors? Don't worry, we were too. They are awesome colors! That's why we're keeping them around. You can find all of our old Jr. Avenger and Fuse Goggle colors in the Goggle Collection or in our Clearance section!


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January 07, 2019 — A3 Performance