The 2016 Australian Short Course Championships were held last week November 3-5 in Brisbane, Australia, where A3 Performance breaststroker Nicholas Schafer had a phenomenal meet!

Nicholas Schafer

After a few rounds of World Cup competition earlier in the year, Nick tapered and shaved for the Australian SC Championships last week. Nick kicked off the meet with the 50 breaststroke, timed finals, in which he went  a personal best of 27.37 and finished fifth. The second day of competition, Nick had the 100 breaststroke. In the prelim session Nick dropped from a 59.74 to a 59.37 to qualify sixth for the finals. In the final session, Nick dropped even more time to finish fifth with a final time of 59.24! The final day of competition was exemplary of "Last One, Fast One!" Saturday Nick had the 200 breaststroke, his best event. Nick dropped about one tenth of a second in his morning swim for a finals seed of a 2:09.80 and fourth place. Saturday night in the finals, Nick was a force to be reckoned with, dropping more than two seconds for a 2:07.51 and a silver medal! We are incredibly proud of Nick and the success he has had since moving back home to Australia. Nick and the Acqua Rosa Clayfield Aquatic Team have had some outstanding performances over the last few months and we are honored to work with such a great guy and team! See the full results from the Australian SC Championships online!

November 07, 2016 — A3 Performance
Tags: Racing