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*All T-shirts, Hoodies, and Long Sleeves have been delivered to Coach Melissa!

All Custom Parkas take about 6 weeks to produce from the order deadline. Those will be shipped in bulk to Coach Melissa when completed!


  • BRONZE/SILVER/FOCUS PACK - Blue kickboard, pull buoy, swift kick fins
  • GOLD/SENIOR/ELITE PACK - Blue kickboard, pull buoy, swift kick fins, Fusion paddles, Gold snorkel
Blackhawk Limitless Jacket from $60.00
Blackhawk Limitless Pant $45.00
Blackhawk Prism Polo from $46.00
Blackhawk Competitor Backpack $73.00
Team A3 Swift Kick Fin $30.00
Team Pro Pull Buoy $10.00
BLST Training Snorkel $30.00
Team Fusion Paddles $16.00
BLST Team Kickboard $15.00
BLST Team Mesh Bag $10.00
Team Avenger X Goggle $17.60
Team Avenger Goggle $14.40
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