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A3 Performance FitLock Male Swimwear Drawstring Lock Technology

Lock your suit in place before you race

A3 Performance’s newest technology innovates male swimwear unlike anything ever before!FitLock Technology is the first-ever FINA approved swimsuit drawstring lock.

Guys, say goodbye to the hassle of a swimsuit drawstring that loosens during a race or training, forcing you to untie and retie again and again. Now you can tighten your suit with one tug and prevent it from coming loose!

Featured on VICI, A3 Performance's elite technical racing jammer, and NOVA, our newest FINA and USA Swimming-approved racing jammer, FitLock is a proprietary technology designed and developed by A3 Performance. It is a small lock on the drawstring that holds it in place to secure your fit so you can focus on swimming fast.

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