Team Power Chute


Power your performance with the

A3 Performance Power Chute! 

Resistance training is a game changer for any swimmer as it's known to develop power, improve endurance, and naturally promote stroke efficiency.  Now you can level up your training with the Power Chute.

The Power Chute is a light weight, durable chute that can be adjusted to provide minimal resistance, maximum resistance and numerous levels in between. You determine the workload.  The resistance can be easily adjusted throughout a set, creating a more dynamic training session.  

Designed to maximize the benefits of resistance training, the Power Chute does all of the following:

  • Comfortable, adjustable waistband
  • Sturdy waistband buckle for a secure fit.
  • Flex Cord tethers from your waistband to the chute, allowing for a more natural onset of resistance, ultimately helping athletes maintain a better body position.
  • Light-weight, durable fabric.
  • Quality, anti-corrosive buckles, clips and grommets
  • One chute allows you to train at numerous levels of resistance.
    • Leave the chute completely open for a minimal resistance or cinch it closed for maximum resistance.  Vary throughout your training
  • Take it with you anywhere; meets, hotel, back yard, or lake.
  • Great way to warm up with a few quick bursts before your race.
  • Comes packed in a handy mesh bag
  • Great for all 4 strokes