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A3 Performance Training Snorkel

Red 400
Blue 300


The hydrodynamic, lightweight design results in less drag which makes this snorkel ideal for all types of training. The Training Snorkel can be used for kicking with or without a board, pulling, stroke drills and all levels of swim training. The narrow tube allows for the preferred volume of air exchange. The air intake is ideal for younger swimmers and gets more challenging as the swimmer advances, increasing the swimmer's aerobic capacity. The Training Snorkel can be used for both sprint and distance training. It is a great tool for young swimmers developing strokes and for the elite athlete looking for an edge. We use a medical grade, removable silicone mouth piece that makes cleaning your snorkel easy. Body position may be the most important factor of a championship stroke. The breathing motion is the most disruptive force in a swimmers stroke technique. The A3 Performance Training Snorkel allows the swimmer to adapt and maintain the perfect head and body alignment for world-class speed and stroke.

My favorite piece of training equipment is my A3 Training Snorkel. It helps improve my technique, my lung capacity and helps in injury prevention. -Dan Lester, Australian National Team

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