How is this different than any other compression garment?
First of all, BODIMAX Sleeves are the first-ever aquatic performancewear. It is the first compression garment in sport that is built to be worn in the water. No other compression garment is designed to serve this purpose. Second, BODIMAX Sleeves are the first-ever intelligent compressionwear. The compression garment is built with special BODIMAX fabric technology that works with your muscles improving circulation and thermoregulation. BODIMAX Sleeves are patent pending.
How does BODIMAX Technology work?
The intelligent BODIMAX Technology absorbs body heat from the muscles and returns it to the body in the form of far infrared rays or energy. The energy returned to the body decreases vasoconstriction and improves microcirculation. See how BODIMAX works with the body here.
What does that mean for me?
BODIMAX Technology improves the flow of oxygen in the blood, reduces lactic acid and metabolic waste in the muscles, and increases overall circulation in the body, thereby delaying and reducing fatigue, discomfort, and tension and allowing swimmers to train at a higher level for a longer period of time. It greatly improves your body’s ability to recover.
Are the BODIMAX Sleeves only meant to be worn in the water?
No! Although BODIMAX Sleeves are aquatic compression garments, the technology is beneficial for numerous activities. You can (and should) wear BODIMAX Sleeves in the weight room, in the pool, while you’re sleeping, and really whenever you want! The more you wear BODIMAX Sleeves the better. BODIMAX Technology increases microcirculation in the body by 92% after 60 days of wear (minimum of 30 minutes per wear). Again, the more you wear BODIMAX Sleeves, the better!
How often should I wear BODIMAX Sleeves?
As often as you want! The more you wear BODIMAX Sleeves, the more you will benefit! Wear them during practice, during warm-ups, post-competition or practice, while you sleep, or all day long. You can’t wear them too much!
If I wear the sleeves swimming, will I lose my feel for the water?
Nope! The compressive BODIMAX Sleeves allow swimmers to train at a high level without any interference or distraction. Swimmers are able to maintain a strong pull and kick all practice long. Once you take the sleeves off, you will actually have a heightened sense of feel for the water, similar to diving in the pool after shaving! Hear what the pros have to say for themselves: “Having them [BODIMAX Sleeves] on in the water, didn't affect my feel for the water. I was able to perform all of the different strokes with no hindrance from the sleeves.” -Darian Townsend, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record Holder “I love the feeling I have in the water, especially right after taking the BODIMAX Sleeves off. One of the reasons I like warming up in my sleeves before racing is because my feel for the water is greatly enhanced upon taking them off. I'm hyper-aware of how the water feels on the surface of my arm, which helps with my stroke technique.” -Ivy Martin, 13-time Big Ten Champion & US Open Champion
How am I supposed to wear the BODIMAX Sleeves?
The A3 Performance logo repeats along the bonded seam. On the arm sleeves, the bonded seam should go along the back of the arm. On the calf sleeves, the bonded seam goes along the back of the calf. Also, recognize that there are silicone grippers at the top and bottom of the sleeve. In order to help facilitate the proper wear and fit, flip the silicone grippers to face out, so the sleeve slides smoothly along your skin.
If I wear BODIMAX Sleeves during my dryland workouts, will they start to get stinky from sweat?
Nope, the fabric is built with anti-odor protection. However, if you are a super sweaty or super stinky person (we don’t judge), you are encouraged to rinse your sleeves in cold water. If you really sweat during your workouts, try doing this after every workout. You can also throw your BODIMAX Sleeves in the washing machine (cold water only, mild detergent).
Can I put BODIMAX Sleeves in the washing machine?
Yes! BODIMAX Technology lasts from wash to wash; repeated washing does not decrease the effectiveness of the technology or the garment. The bioactive property of the sleeves is not lost from washing. However, to ensure the longevity of your BODIMAX Sleeves, we recommend that you hand wash in cold water and hang to dry.
Is BODIMAX safe to wear?
Absolutely! BODIMAX Technology is 100% natural. There are neither chemicals nor harmful materials in the garment. The far infrared (FIR) energy rays are completely natural and are the safest and most beneficial energy rays. BODIMAX Technology is also internationally certified by OEKO-TEX, ensuring that it is safe to use!
How do I determine what size sleeves I need?
Arm Sleeve Sizing is based on the circumference of your upper forearm. Calf Sleeve Sizing is based on the circumference of the widest part of your calf muscle. We recommend using a tape measure to accurately measure your forearm and/or calf. See here for help with appropriate sizing on the arm sleeves, and see here for help with appropriate sizing for calf sleeves. *If you are planning to use your sleeves for training, we definitely recommend following the size chart. However, if you are looking for a pair to lounge in, sleep in, or recover in after training, consider going up a size so the sleeves are more comfortable for longer wear. The sleeve will still provide compression to the muscle but will be comfortable for longer periods of wear.
Why have we never heard of this technology before now?
Because BODIMAX is cutting edge technology! A3 Performance has been developing the BODIMAX sleeves since the initial chemistry of the technology approximately four years ago. You’ve never heard of this technology because it hasn’t impacted you until now. BODIMAX is patent pending by A3 Performance.
How can I expect to feel after wearing BODIMAX Sleeves?
You can expect to feel powerful. The compression combined with BODIMAX Technology alleviates the exhaustion and burn that lactic acid buildup causes in the body. By the end of your workout you will feel tired (you should, you're working really hard!), but you won’t feel burnt out or overheated. Once your next set or your next workout rolls around, you will be ready to throw down again! Remember, the benefits of BODIMAX are not immediate, so commit to wearing them for every practice in order to reap the technology's full benefits!
Who should wear BODIMAX Sleeves?
The greatest benefit goes to athletes, especially us swimmers. We work our upper bodies and legs hard every day in the pool and in our dryland training. However, anyone else who uses their upper body or legs daily and who consistently battles soreness and fatigue in their arms and legs can greatly benefit from the BODIMAX Sleeves. Anyone who is very active will greatly benefit from BODIMAX Sleeves.
Are the BODIMAX Sleeves FINA approved for competition?
No, they are not. The BODIMAX Sleeves are a training and recovery product designed specifically for training.
Do the BODIMAX Sleeves protect from the sun?
Yes! The BODIMAX Sleeves have a UV Protection Factor (UPF) of 50!