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Oconomowoc WI, United States – March 9, 2020 / / A3 Performance is excited to announce the launch of FitLock, the first-ever male swimwear drawstring lock that provides a secure, fast fit swim after swim. The official launch date for FitLock is March 9, 2020.

Competitive male swimwear has not been innovated or significantly improved in 25 years, if not more. A3 Performance believes that FitLock, the first-ever drawstring lock for male competitive swimwear, will change the way that all men wear their swimsuits forever. Current male swimwear drawstrings are much like shoe strings; they are thin, often treated strings that easily slide through the waistband of jammer and brief swimsuits. These drawstrings easily loosen overtime and can even come untied during the rigor of training or racing. FitLock is a small drawstring lock that sits at the waist and secures fit for the entire longevity of training or a race. FitLock is FINA approved.

Beginning March 9, 2020, FitLock will be on all A3 Performance VICI and NOVA racing swimsuits. VICI is A3 Performance’s elite technical racing suit, determined to be the fastest suit in the water. NOVA is A3 Performance’s entry-level racing suit. Both VICI and NOVA swimsuits have outperformed competing elite racing suits developed by swimming’s largest brands. Now, with FitLock, these suits are on another level of innovation and performance, unmatched by competitors. FitLocks are not available for individual sale and will only come with the purchase of a new A3 VICI or NOVA racing suit. A3 Performance anticipates having FitLock on all of their male swimwear, both training and racing suits, by the end of 2020.

As a brand, we are always looking at how we can enhance the sport and improve the swimmer’s training and racing experience. FitLock is a small device that makes a huge difference. Every swimmer who has swum with a FitLock had immediate positive feedback about how great their suit fit, how great it felt, and how fast they felt in the water. FitLock has changed how men wear their swimsuits forever.

            -Dan Meinholz, A3 Performance Founder & CEO


FitLock is the most significant innovation to male competitive swimwear since the introduction of the jammer more than 25 years ago. FitLock, the first-ever swimsuit drawstring lock, is the fifth first-ever product A3 Performance has developed in the sport of competitive swimming since 2012. Innovation continues to be synonymous with the A3 Performance brand.

Shop FitLock swimwear online: https://www.a3performance.com/collections/fit-lock

Video URLs: https://youtu.be/XFPh-5QyaGM


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