Athletes in every sport are always looking for a competitive edge – what can make them better, faster, and stronger? Compression garments provide a competitive edge that not every athlete nor every sport takes advantage of. Compression is a popular recovery tool for athletes as it promotes healthier muscles and better recovery. These are just a few benefits to training with compression sleeves and there are many more! Compression should be a part of every athlete’s training and recovery. Here are five reasons to add compression sleeves to your training.


  1. Improve Your Recovery – The primary purpose of compression sleeves is to improve athlete recovery, and what’s not to love about better recovery?! Recovery is incredibly important to athletic performance. In order for athletes to perform at their peak performance, their bodies need to rest and regroup. Compression sleeves, when worn consistently, facilitate the body’s ability to recover by increasing circulation, improving the delivery of oxygen from the bloodstream to the muscle tissue, and reducing lactic acid buildup.


  1. Prevent Injury­ –Compression sleeves improve circulation in the body, thus making the muscles warm and loose. Warming up the muscles prior to intense physical activity is incredibly important in order to prevent injury and maximize performance. Adding compression to your pre-training and pre-race routines will help keep the muscles fresh and loose and ultimately, help prevent injury when it’s time to hit it hard.


  1. Beneficial in a variety of areas – Compression can provide benefit to the body before, during, and after training and racing. Not to mention, compression is beneficial for a variety of sports and activities. Incorporate compression into weightlifting, biking, running, and even swimming! BODIMAX Compression Sleeves are unique compression sleeves that are built for swimmers with a compressive, woven material that is meant for in-water use. The BODIMAX Sleeves come in arm or calf sleeves and are great for everyday swim practice, dryland training, and more. You’ll be able to recover better in every aspect of your training regime.


  1. Decrease Soreness ­– Most athletes have a love-hate relationship with sore muscles. It’s (almost) always a great sign to have sore muscles after a workout because it means that you physically pushed your limits. However, soreness is uncomfortable and can often hurt our following workouts. By adding compression sleeves to your workouts, you will decrease your soreness and your body will be better prepared for your next workout. Don’t let sore muscles slow you down, and add compression sleeves to your training.


  1. There is no risk – The beauty of adding compression sleeves to your training is that athletes have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Compression is not risky and it will not cause any harm to your body nor to your workout. Athletes can develop healthier, stronger muscles, improve their recovery, and impact their performance without any risk!
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March 28, 2019 — A3 Performance

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