Since our inception, A3 Performance has been an innovation leader in technical racing. In 2012, A3 Performance released our first-ever technical racing suit, Stealth - the first-ever closed back female tech suit. Stealth was worn by some of the top athletes in the world who accomplished National Championships, World Cup Championships, National Records, and even one World Record!

Following Stealth, every racing suit we've released has truly been a cut above the rest. Always on the cutting edge, today we are proud to offer a full-line of competitive racing swimwear, fit for every level of swimmer.


Much like everything else in the world, technical racing suits have gotten more expensive, especially over the last few years. We understand that high-end technical racing suits are not for every swimmer. A3 Performance saw a need for a more affordable racing suit that allowed athletes to feel race-ready without breaking the bank. This is how NOVA was born.

In 2020, USA Swimming created a rule that banned "technical" racing suits for athletes 12 & Under. The idea behind this rule was to relieve some of the financial pressure and performance pressure on younger athletes and families. Although NOVA actually came to the market prior to the USA Swimming ruling, NOVA is approved for 12 & Under swimmers to wear in USA Swimming competition.

What makes NOVA the perfect suit for 12 & Under racers actually also makes it the perfect suit for a variety of other athletes and occasions. Because NOVA is more affordable AND fast (NOVA actually outperformed the more expensive tech suit brands 😏), we recommend NOVA for:

  • younger athletes,
  • those who are newer to the sport,
  • those who are seasonal swimmers,
  • in-season racing,
  • regular tri or open water swimmers who are looking for that extra edge,
  • big competitions that may not be your end-of-the-season taper meet,
  • and, of course, athletes and families who are on a budget.

NOVA is available in a wide range of sizes from 18-38 as well as three different styles, a female tank, a female kneeskin, and a male jammer.




VICI Technical Racing was unveiled in 2018 - the fastest tech suit in the water, tested and proven, at the time. VICI, meaning "I conquered" was designed to triumph over all other racing suits. The research and development that went into designing and producing VICI is unmatched, so it's no wonder that it was the fastest suit in the water several years ago, and even still is to this day. VICI even received two A+ ratings in SwimOutlet's 2018 tech suit review! 🤯

One (of many) elements that puts VICI at the top is the use of BODIMAX technology in its fabric. BODIMAX technology is A3 Performance's proprietary technology designed to help athletes recover quickly while swimming at a high level. Athletes are encouraged to get a good warm-up in their VICI tech suits prior to competition to help their muscles recover and prepare for maximum output in their races.

Another huge advantage to VICI tech suits that set VICI apart from the rest is that it's easy to put on. VICI's lining has a special coating that makes putting it on easy, quick, and painless. Our goal with VICI was to not only help athletes swim faster but to also improve their overall experience with tech suits from the moment they open the box. 

VICI is an elite racing suit with a price point well below its competitors. We recommend VICI technical racing for:

  • swimmers who just aged out of the USA tech suit ruling (13+),
  • major mid-season competition and end of the season competitions,
  • any athlete on the brink of making a faster cut or time-standard (seriously, this suit makes a difference!),
  • year-round swimmers,
  • open water swimmers and triathletes,
  • teams,
  • athletes looking for more compression and coverage (closedback tech suits for the win! 🙌),
  • and if we're being honest, everyone who can wear VICI, would benefit from racing in it!

VICI is available in an array of colors, including some limited edition colorways, and sizes 18-34 on the female side or 20-34 on the male side. Female athletes have access to a compressive Powerback style or an even more compressive Closedback style (one race and you'll be hooked). Male athletes will experience a secure fit like never before with FitLock drawstring technology, designed to lock your suit in place before you race!




Training, recovery, nutrition, and racing in competitive swimming are all evolving. It’s time for racing technology to evolve too, and it has with PHENOM. Hands down, PHENOM is the fastest, most innovative tech suit EVER to hit the water. 

Every element of PHENOM is the result of extensive testing, data collection, and analysis. PHENOM’s data-driven design was developed to create the fastest surface in the water of any FINA approved technical racing suit. One of the major factors in PHENOM’s surface speed is Slip Stream® Water Management Technology, the first-ever hydrophilic water treatment technology used in technical racing. The Slip Stream® hydrophilic technology reduces friction on the suit and creates a boundary layer of water around the suit. This is significantly faster when compared to the traditional hydrophobic treatment on other tech suits. Combined with vertical fabric channels across the body that controls water movement and creates body lift and efficiencies in every stroke, this suit is the fastest out there.

PHENOM is also designed with some new improvements on traditional technology. PHENOM’s elite bonded seaming process controls muscle compression throughout the body without limiting joint and muscle mobility. Silicone grippers around the leg openings keep the suit in place at the highest speeds while also allowing for maximum range of motion. Not to mention, all male PHENOM jammers have A3 Performance’s proprietary drawstring technology - FitLock, designed to lock your suit in place before you race.

We're not going to make a list of those we recommend going into PHENOM because if you can afford it, if you're a member of an A3 Team Partner, or you just want it, you should get it. Quite frankly, you DESERVE it. There is no better suit than PHENOM currently on the market.

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