This isn’t just another version of an existing tech suit in a new color…you deserve better than that.

Using Data Driven Design, A3 Performance has created the fastest surface in the water of any FINA approved technical racing suit. Every detail of PHENOM, by A3 Performance, has a purpose and a benefit so athletes can feel confident and ready to race at their best. 

In addition to never before seen Slip Stream® Technology and PHENOM’s advanced vertical fabric channels, there are numerous other PHENOM features we would be remiss to not highlight.

PHENOM’s elite bonded seaming process controls muscle compression throughout the body without limiting joint and muscle mobility. Athletes can feel the difference racing in PHENOM.

Just as important as the outside of the suit, is the inside of the suit. PHENOM’s lining is coated with a special treatment that slides over the skin, allowing athletes to more quickly and easily slip their PHENOM onto their body. Even to the touch, you can feel how smooth the inside lining is. Athletes have enough on their plate when they’re getting ready to race at a big meet. Putting on your racing suit should not be stressful, and with PHENOM, it doesn’t have to be. 

Last, but certainly not least, all PHENOM Male Jammers come with FitLock technology on the drawstring - the first-ever male swimwear drawstring lock that provides a secure, fast fit swim after swim. FitLock, first featured on A3 VICI Technical Racing Jammers, has been an absolute game-changer for male racing. Lock your suit in place before you race with FitLock on all PHENOM jammers!

Do you want to take your summer racing to the next level? Now, YOU can WIN a brand new PHENOM Technical Racing Suit!

One lucky swimmer will win a PHENOM tech suit of their choice to take their summer racing to the next level! Visit A3 Performance and SwimSwam on Instagram for the giveaway details and your chance to win! Hurry - this giveaway starts 7/11/22 and runs until 7/14/22. Winner will be announced via IG on 7/15/22.

PHENOM is now available for purchase online at A3 Performance and is coming soon to Australia and India!

Photos courtesy of Mike Lewis

A3 Performance is the fastest growing brand of competitive swimwear in the world, driven by our mission to Lead, Innovate, and Inspire in the sport of competitive swimming.

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