The sport of swimming is built on the back of tenacity and hard work. It is not a sport for the faint of heart; it requires passion and commitment. As important as the physical work, the mental attitude and confidence in racing are truly what separate a great athlete from a legendary athlete.

A3 Performance Legend Powerback is the edge that gives swimmers the confidence and strength to be their best. A3 Performance’s elite technical racing suit, Legend, is the first suit ever with a Powerback design. This female back style is new to the sport as of 2015 and is starting to pop up in other brands on the pool deck. Some female swimmers are hesitant to adventure into this new style, sticking with a standard open back or closed back suit. Allow us to explain why the Powerback is the fastest female suit style in the pool!

Powerback is defined by greater coverage across the core, resulting in a small opening across the lower back – the best of both the open back and closed back racing suits. Closed back suits provide more compression than open back suits; however, open back suits provide more comfort and a greater range of motion for starts and flip turns than closed back suits. The Powerback provides both! This design provides unparalleled compression while still allowing maximum range of motion in the water. The Powerback creates a tighter fit across the core, eliminating gapping in the back that can come with some closed back suits, and compressing the thighs, hips, core, and lats.

What’s the deal with compression, right? Compression helps increase circulation in the muscles, which in turn delays lactic acid build up and fatigue in the muscles, thus allowing swimmers to finish races strong. Additionally, compression in racing suits creates a rigid surface in the water, improving body alignment and hydrodynamics. The Powerback lives up to its name; this design generates a new level of power output unmatched by other suits, unmatched by other styles.


A3 Performance – The Performance Swimwear Company

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