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August 11, 2016 1 min read 1 Comment

At A3 Performance, we pride ourselves on performance and excellence in all that we do. From our staff, to our products, to our athletes, we go above and beyond and we strive to be the best. Our athletes are the ultimate representation of A3 Performance as they are more than just athletes... They are hard-workers, who push themselves past their physical and mental limits every single day. They are outstanding motivators, who lead by example and inspire others to strive for greatness. They are fierce competitors, who never back down from a challenge and give every ounce they have in every single race. They are fearless leaders, who make their teammates and competitors better by their tenacity, dedication, and perseverance in and out of the pool. They are #‎a3performers! As defined by today's Aquatic Experts, an #a3performer is:

one who goes to extraordinary means to be their very best — performing at their highest level.

A3 Performance is dedicated to developing quality, innovative products to encourage all swimmers to be #a3performers and to perform at their highest level. Use the hashtag #a3performer to highlight your success and show the swimming community your accomplishments!

                                 Are You An #a3Performer                    Are You An #a3Performer                    Are You An #a3Performer                    Are You An #a3Performer                    Are You An #a3Performer                    Are You An #a3Performer

1 Response

David Guthrie Breaks TWO Master's World Records - A3 Performance
David Guthrie Breaks TWO Master's World Records - A3 Performance

July 11, 2017

[…] A3 Performer David Guthrie set two Master’s World Records last week at the LCM US Master’s Nationals in Gresham, Oregon! David, who is no stranger to being at the top, walked away from nationals with three first place finishes, sweeping the breaststroke events for the Men 55-59 age group. […]

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