This swim season was incredible and it was shaping up to have an incredible ending. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances involving public health and COVID-19, the end of the 2019-2020 season was cut short for athletes everywhere.

A3 Performance Founder and CEO Dan Meinholz addresses all athletes and challenges them to shift their mindset and approach this as an opportunity for growth, while also seeing their season as a journey 'of' rather than a journey 'to.'

COVID-19, known to many as the coronavirus, unexpectedly forced organizations all over the world to cancel their events. This has been particularly heartbreaking for athletes who were coming up to the culmination of their seasons. A3 Founder & CEO Dan had a similar experience of his career unexpectedly coming to an end due to an injury in college. Dan addresses swimmers and all athletes on how to cope and how to move forward.


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March 19, 2020 — A3 Performance

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