As athletes, many of us are creatures of habit. Over the course of our years being involved in our respective sport, we have developed our norm. We have the same training and competition day routine that we've had for years. We have our favorite pair of goggles, our lucky shoes, our trusty cap. It's good to have a routine, but if we do the things we have always done, we'll never be able to do the things we've never done!


“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
― Roy T. Bennett


BODIMAX Sleeves are a new product for competitive swimming and really every sport. The BODIMAX Technology in these compression sleeves encourages a level of recovery athletics has never seen! 

You're allowed to have questions. You're allowed to be skeptical. You're allowed to do your research. Many athletes and coaches who firmly believe in BODIMAX were once in your shoes. Step outside of your comfort zone, try something new, and you will not be disappointed! 

Check out these first-hand reviews from skeptics turned believers:


Kent Olsen-Stavrakas, A3 Performance Customer

100% 5-star product!

Please believe all the hype and the reviews, these sleeves are the real deal. Not only do they allow you to train harder and longer, they also allow for a better feel in the water. The A3 compression sleeves have allowed me to get into the high elbow catch much sooner and easier.

I have been training with these sleeves for the past 6 months and can honestly say they have increased my awareness of the water through the catch and pull phase. Quality product and quality customer service. What more could you ask for from a company specializing in our sport.


Heather Ross, A3 Performance Customer

Just thought I would write a review on this product. I wore my calf sleeves for the first time in November at ITU 70.3 Nationals. My legs felt great! I just wore them again last weekend for a 100 mile Gran Fondo National Race and again my legs didn’t even hurt! I’m so impressed by these sleeves. I’ve tried others in the past and they don’t compare to A3!


Connor R., Baseball Player

My throwing arm does not get as sore, and it feels like it stays looser for a longer period.


AJ Barbar, 2016 Olympian Swimmer, Lebanese National Team Member

When I first heard about BODIMAX sleeves I was a little skeptical about them. I wasn’t sure how they would affect my feel for the water. 

When I first jumped in with them it was a little weird, but after the first two or three hundred meters you totally get a feel for them and I really felt a difference in my endurance. I love using them after a big day of heavy lifting in the weight room because my muscles are really tired and sore which usually takes away from my swimming. But with the help from my BODIMAX sleeves, they reduce my fatigue and really enhance my performance in the water.



Glenn Tellen, Senior Swim Coach

My team started using BODIMAX sleeves after learning more about them from a clinic. My kids love training in them and I have noticed their ability to stay fresh during hard training. These will continue to be part of my senior team regiment and I now have kids fighting over the few pairs of calf sleeves we have. 


Alex Kostich, Open Water Swimmer, Former US National Team Member

I’m noticing a definite difference in how I feel in the water during my workouts; by the end of my 8km sessions, I’m feeling like I want to tear them off (much like a drag suit) and try some faster turnover without them! I also realize I need to stick with it for a while in order to feel longer-term effects. They take getting used to for sure, but I am liking the immediate effects of not feeling as broken down after a workout. Recently, after a 2-hour swim workout the same morning, I went to the gym and lifted an hour and didn’t feel the effects of my morning workout at all. I attribute this to the BODIMAX Sleeves because I rarely do a double and if I do I am usually sore and tired in the evening’s second session!


Caleb W., Baseball Player

I notice less soreness in my throwing arm the day after while wearing the sleeve.


Kyle Sockwell, FloSports, Arizona State University Swimming Alum

I was skeptical at first about the A3 BODIMAX Sleeves but was lucky enough to get to try them out for a good bit. To my surprise, they felt extremely natural in the water and didn't interrupt my stroke as I thought they might. At no point in my workouts did I feel constricted or uncomfortable in the sleeves and they almost began to feel like a tech suit for your arms after some time. Not only do they look good, but I did notice some difference in blood flow and recovery after wearing them for an extended period of time. All in all, I'd definitely recommend at least giving the sleeves a try for elite-level competitors who are looking for the next product to give them a leg up on the competition.






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September 10, 2019 — A3 Performance

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