The fastest surface in the water is no longer a smooth surface. Tech suit technology has explored different ridges and textures on the outer fabric of tech suits, but never before like PHENOM, by A3 Performance.

PHENOM’s entire outer surface has vertical fabric channels. These channels better control water movement across the body, ultimately lifting the body and creating efficiencies in every stroke, no matter the stroke. Fluid Dynamics testing has revealed that ridges of a defined height, depth, and distance in the fabric’s surface, like those found in PHENOM, prove to support greater distance per stroke, allowing the athlete to move through the water faster with equal effort, when compared to traditional tech suits. 

Another significant benefit for the vertical fabric channels is that they transfer energy and force from all forward AND lateral movement to direct, forward propulsion. 


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Follow along for your chance to WIN a new PHENOM technical racing suit in the coming weeks! One lucky swimmer will win a PHENOM tech suit of their choice to take their summer racing to the next level!

PHENOM is now available for purchase online at A3 Performance and is coming soon to Australia and India!

Photos courtesy of Mike Lewis

A3 Performance is the fastest growing brand of competitive swimwear in the world, driven by our mission to Lead, Innovate, and Inspire in the sport of competitive swimming.

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