NOVA is A3 Performance's most recent addition to our line of racing suits and we think everyone should know about it, and we mean EVERYONE! 

September of 2020 marked the beginning of USA Swimming's 12 & Under Tech Suit Ban, indicating that any swimmers who are 12 years of age or younger and are competing in USA Swimming sanctioned events are not allowed to race in a "technical racing suit." You might be thinking, "Oh yeah, well how are they going to stop me from racing in what I want to race in" and we love to see that determination, but officials will automatically disqualify the swimmer if they are racing in an "illegal" suit. 

The intention behind banning certain technical racing suits (learn more about the tech suit ban here) was ultimately good. USA Swimming wanted to remove the pressure on young athletes to have the most elite racing suit while also removing some of the financial burden from parents. 

Before USA Swimming's ruling even went into place, A3 Performance saw a A3 Performance NOVA - Fast at any ageneed in the market for a suit that was fast, that fit a lot of bodies well, and that didn't break the bank... introducing NOVA. It just so happens that NOVA meets the USA Swimming standards to be a 12 & Under legal racing suit - wins all around!

However, when you think about NOVA - fast, fits a lot of bodies well, and affordable - who wouldn't want to race in NOVA?! 

Especially after the year we've all had, we know a lot of families and teams have struggled financially and we know that everyone is just dying to get back in the water racing again! With so much still up in the air regarding the rest of the year and our next season, NOVA is a great option for every swimmer, at any age or any level. 

What else makes NOVA the ideal racing suit for many swimmers?

    • Compression Technology compresses core muscle groups, providing the benefits of compression while facilitating proper body positioning in the water.
    • Silicone Grippers around the bottom leg openings keeps the suit in place while you race.
    • SuperNova Fabric is a specially knitted fabric that provides long-lasting compression. It is also a fast fabric that helped NOVA rival many elite tech suits in industry-standard testing.
    • Water repellency on the outside suit fabric causes water to roll right off the suit allowing you to slip right through the water, race after race.
    • $125 & Under! - NOVA is less than a quarter of a price of many elite-level suits across all brands
    • NOVA comes in a wide range of sizes (18-38) to fit a wide variety of swimmer bodies. Simply put, it's also a great fitting suit!

You may see NOVA promoted as a 12 & Under approved suit, but that doesn't mean this suit is only for 12 & Unders. With so much confusion and education surrounding the USA Swimming ruling, we want to make sure parents and swimmers know that NOVA is an option for their swimmer, but don't let that deter you from NOVA if you're above the age of 12.

If you have any questions at all, we want to help make your experience as smooth and easy as possible, so PLEASE contact us with questions. If you feel good about NOVA (if you feel good, we feel good) go ahead and pick out your NOVA now.




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