Pictured: A3 Performance LEGEND Powerback A3 Performance is thrilled to announce the release of its newest, FINA-approved technical racing suit LEGEND. The A3 Performance team conducted countless hours of time and research to bring competitive swimmers a technical racing suit with maximum compression, ultimate water repellency, and the first ever Powerback. Closed-back compression is a thing of the past with LEGEND’s Powerback design. Powerback is a unique design highlighted by a small opening across the lower back. This design provides superior compression across the chest, lats, and back while simultaneously allowing a greater range of motion through the body. The unparalleled compression created by the Powerback generates a new level of power output. A3 pushes compression even further through Zone Compression seams strategically aligned through the suit to provide better compression in the legs and butt. These ultra-flat bonded seams reduce muscle vibration and fatigue in the body and help swimmers feel strong all the way in to the finish. There is no doubt that comfort and durability are equally as important as speed in a racing suit. That is why LEGEND is built with GII Compression Tech Fabric to eliminate surface drag and provide supreme durability and is lined with Soft Shield for a soft and comfortable feeling swimmers appreciate every single race. LEGEND reduces drag and offers the highest possible water repellency with its Hydropel hydrophobic surface. The Hydropel treatment works with both the shell and the lining of LEGEND fortifying the barrier to water absorption. LEGEND is the most hydrodynamic suit a swimmer can wear. A3 Performance made additional improvements on the security around the legs in LEGEND, with silicone grippers that hold the suit in place while allowing for muscle flex and expansion. A3 Performance Silicone Grippers move and flex with muscle movement in the leg so swimmers do not need to worry about discomfort or excess water getting into the suit. Dan Meinholz, CEO and President of A3 Performance and Lead Designer of LEGEND, feels confident about LEGEND’s breakthrough technology and its successes going in to the Olympic year.

LEGEND is a suit unlike any other and swimmers will know this the moment they put one on. There is no other suit in the water that provides as much compression, comfort, and durability for swimmers. The Powerback is the first-of-its-kind design that the sport’s female athletes can and will benefit immensely from. Overall, I am really excited about our athlete’s coming successes!” said Meinholz.

July 16, 2015 is every swimmer’s opportunity to become LEGENDARY. To purchase, contact your local Swim Dealer or visit us online at https://wwww.a3performance.com/legend/.