A3 Performance's LEGEND Technical Racing Suit, released in 2016, was the most innovative and the fastest tech suit of its time. Famous for its, edgy, show-through tribal lining, LEGEND was easily recognized on pool decks across the country.

Innovation was key to developing LEGEND. Not only was its tribal print the first of it's kind, but LEGEND's female tech suit was the first-ever Female Technical Racing Suit to feature the Powerback – a small opening across the lower back, designed to provide ultimate compression across the core and lats. 

In addition to its innovative design, LEGEND's speed is also a significant feature of the suit. In a 2017 lab, conducted by Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, LEGEND was tested against the latest racing suits of numerous well-known brands in competitive swimming, and LEGEND came out on top!

When first released, LEGEND retailed for $349 and $249.

Now, you can get one of the most elite technical racing suits on the market for only $149!