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Welcome to your A3 Performance Team Store!

Please fill out the form below to receive your Team Suit included in your registration! Coach Nick does have a sizing kit available and we highly recommend trying the suit on to find the right size and style prior to submitting your form. All suits will ship directly to Coach Nick to be distributed at practice!
Team Kickboard $15.00
Team Pro Pull Buoy $10.00
Team Ankle Eight $6.50
A3 Performance Pro Nose Clip $5.00
A3 Performance Wired Nose Clip $2.95
Team Mesh Bag $10.00
Team Backpack $40.00
A3 Performance Patriotic Silicone Cap $10.00
A3 Performance Black/Silver Silicone Cap $10.00
Team Non-Wrinkle Silicone Cap $6.50
Team VICI Female Closed Back Technical Racing Swimsuit $319.25
Team VICI Female Powerback Technical Racing Swimsuit $319.25
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