Team Power Paddle


The A3 Performance Power Paddle is the newest addition to A3 Performance's innovative and impactful line of training gear and equipment.
  • Increased surface area of your stroke encouraged the pull through to the hip, promoting good body rotation.
  • Ergonomic contours fit to your hand to provide great contact with the paddle and a natural feelings pull through the water.
  • Flow holes allow for a better feel for the water and promote fluidity in your pull.
  • Multi-adjust, silicone straps guarantee a comfortable fit.
  • Power Paddles are recommended for all swimmers looking to improve stamina and power in their strokes. Use with the A3 Performance Fusion Paddles for a dynamic training program.
  • Paddles are colored by size.
    • Small Red Paddles Top to Bottom Measurement- 6 in.
    • Medium White Paddles Top to Bottom Measurement - 7.5 in.
    • Large Blue Paddles Top to Bottom Measurement - 8.63 in.

The A3 Performance Perfecting Pulling System uses paddles, a pull buoy, and an A3 Ankle Eight to stabilize your legs, hips, and core for the perfect pull every time.