Championship season is an exciting time, but with that, comes a lot of preparation. Swimmers need to continue training hard while eating right, getting enough rest, and making sure they have everything they need for their big meet, including the tech suit. Getting a new tech suit should be fun and motivating, not overwhelming or stressful. So, we've put together four things every swimmer and swim parent NEEDS to know when buying a new tech suit.

1. Your size does not matter, get what fits

Often times, it seems as if swimmers connect their identity with the size of their swimsuit. "I am a size 24" or "I've always been a size 26." The reality is, every technical racing suit is going to size differently. We're constantly making improvements to the technology and the fit of our tech suits. For instance, LEGEND tech suits run tighter through the hips and that's not a great fit for all athletes. So, with VICI, we improved the materials, structure, and fit of the suit to fit more bodies, better. It's likely that you may not be the same size in both suits.

Not to mention, if we look at the entirety of a swimmer's career, swimmers' bodies change so much. Many swimmers start club swimming early, and for those who continue to swim through high school and college, your body is bound to grow and change and develop, and it's for the better! It's just not feasible for a swimmer to be the exact same size tech suit their entire career.

And that's okay! Sizes exist to help swimmers find their best fit. No one is judging you, and quite frankly, no one cares more than you. It truly doesn't matter what number your size says, as long as it fits and you're ready to swim fast. 

So, remember that when you are looking at a new tech suit. You want a suit that fits YOU and that YOU feel ready to race in. Sizing...that's just a number.

2. Try on a few styles before making a decision

As the technology and design of technical racing suits advance, women now have more options when it comes to their tech suits. Although many female swimmers still prefer a classic open back suit, there are both closed back and powerback suits to be considered. 

Closed back suits can be a little daunting at first – isn't that going to make it harder to bend, turn, twist, and move? Not at all! VICI's closed back racing suit has a one-directional stretch fabric up the back of the suit, that stretches up-and-down. This one-directional stretch fabric is compressive across the back and lats, but because of its stretch, it provides maximum flexibility and movement through starts, turns, and all four strokes. Most women who try the closed back, love it, and we're confident you will too! The closed back is a really fast suit as it provides greater compression and better supports proper body position in the water by keeping your hips high in the water. But keep in mind that the fastest suit is the one you are most comfortable racing in!

Powerback is the newest back style on the market (first featured in our LEGEND tech suit) that is the best of both an open back and a closed back. Defined by a smaller opening across the lower back, the powerback provides great compression across the core, back, and lats, while giving women that exposed, open back feel. Lucky for you, VICI has both a closed back and powerback style option!

Basically, there isn't just one option here. Tech suits are constantly advancing to meet the needs of athletes. It's important to get a feel for all of your options in order to make the best decision for you and your races.

3. Get the suit that YOU feel best in

YOU are the one wearing the tech suit. YOU are the one who has to race in it. So, YOU are the one who has to feel confident about your technical racing suit. Unfortunately (especially for those troubled decision-makers out there) no one can make this decision for you. A3's customer service team can help give you the best advice we possibly can, but at the end of the day, only you can decide if this suit is the one to help you achieve your goals.

Nearly every athlete who has raced in VICI has had an overwhelmingly positive experience. We know you're going to feel great racing in VICI. Now, it's up to you to decide your size, style, and color, and then you can take it from there. By the way, have you seen our Limited Edition Colors 🤩

4. This is an investment in your training and your success-treat it as such!

Tech suits are not cheap. We know that! A3's design team has invested so much time, energy, and work into developing tech suits that, trust us, we understand their worth. We do our very best to bring quality, innovative tech suits, like VICI, to the market at the best possible price. With a retail price of less than $400, VICI is actually the least expensive tech suit on the market, when compared against other brand's latest tech suits.

Regardless of its price, it's not cheap. Technical Racing Suits are an investment, specifically in a swimmer's training and success. Tech suits are not built to be worn at random swim meets throughout the year. You don't wear these every day or every meet. Invest in your goals. Technical Racing Suits are designed to be for athletes at their most elite competition when they are rested, tapered, and/or shaved. They are racing suits, for when you are truly prepared to get up and race at the highest level!

**If you are looking for a suit that will make your swimmer ready to swim fast without breaking the bank, NOVA Racing Suits are fast and affordable. At around $100, NOVA is a great racing suit for any swimmer. See if NOVA is right for you!

Racing suit shopping is exciting! It means your big meet is coming up and you're ready to swim fast. This process is fun and just another step in achieving your goals.

Do you have more questions? That's okay! Our customer service team is excited for you and ready to help you find the tech suit to help you achieve your goals! Email us at or call us at 888-369-7946.

A3 Performance is a brand built on a passion for swimming, athletes, and performance. We encourage swimmers to swim better and faster at all ages and levels, from beginners to Olympians. A3 Performance strives to enrich the sport of swimming with innovative and impactful products that inspire swimmers to be their very best – an A3 Performer.


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Heather said:

My daughter was the only one I saw at the Ohio high school state championship meet wearing A3. The closed back suit is the only one that’s ever fit her and served her perfectly. She is 5’11”. Best suits ever!

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