Christmas is just around the corner and we want to help make your holiday shopping as easy and care-free as possible.

Not only are we having sales all month long, but we also put together a 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the right gift for the special swimmer in your life!

For the forgetful swimmer

We all know a swimmer who seems to lose track of all of their swim gear, especially their goggles! If we’re being honest, we’ve all left behind a pair of goggles on the starting blocks, in the locker room, or in the bleachers, and because of that, we all know how important back up goggles are!

With a full line of quality, anti-fog goggles, A3 Performance has a pair of goggles for everyone, from the littlest swimmer to the Olympian. We highly recommend checking out A3’s premiere racing goggle, Fuse Goggles. Fuse’s low profile design fits a lot of faces well and the color options are the perfect combination of intense and fun! Plus, they’re under $25!

Looking for a super great deal? A3 Performance Jr. Avenger and Jr. Avenger X Goggles are on sale all month! These goggles are an excellent fit for young and junior swimmers, and at a price like this, they’re the perfect goggle to always have on hand for your forgetful swimmers.

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For the hardcore swimmer

Shout out to the swimmers who bust their butts every day, at every. single. practice. Swimming is not an easy sport to begin with, and when you’re attacking every workout with 110% intensity, you are bound to experience some fatigue.

It’s time to recognize the hard worker and reward them with a little self-care. BODIMAX Sleeves are an innovative training and recovery tool that facilitate the removal of lactic acid buildup in the muscles and expedite muscle recovery so the body feels more refreshed for the next workout. These sleeves are a training tool that every hardworking athlete should add to their training repertoire ASAP.

Swimmer’s arms get sore and tired, without a question, but many swimmers experience leg cramps and muscle fatigue in the lower parts of their bodies too. BODIMAX has both of these covered with arm sleeves and calf sleeves.

BODIMAX Sleeves are available in three different colors and sizes Small up to a 2X-Large for both the arm and calf sleeves. Get this revolutionary recovery technology for $64 (arm) and $58 (calf).

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For the everyday swimmer

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are a swimmer or there’s a swimmer who is very important in your life. We love swimming, but staring at a black line every day, can get old. The everyday swimmer deserves all. the. equipment – training snorkel, fins, a pull buoy, and paddles are a must! But the everyday swimmer deserves a little something else too.

Chlorine is not kind to us. It dries out our skin, it hurts our eyes, and it takes a toll on our swimsuits! Of course, we encourage everyone to take good care of their suits *cough* don’t leave it bunched in the bottom of your swim bag after practice *cough*, but we also encourage swimmers to get extra practice suits to alternate with during practice. Especially if you’re doing two-a-days…you don’t want to practice in a wet suit!

Don’t grab just any cheap swimsuit – that grueling training deserves a quality, comfortable, fun swimsuit that is going to last your entire season and beyond! A3 Performance Polyester Prints are made of 100% PBT Polyester that will retain their comfortable feel and bright color all season long.

Pick up one or pick up a few. Check out all three of our fun polyester prints – Starbyrst, Tribal Geo, and Camo!

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For the 12 & Under Swimmer

September officially marks the beginning of the 12 & Under tech suit ban – USA Swimming banned technical racing suits built with woven fabric and bonded seams for 12 & Under swimmers. So, 12 & Unders can’t legally race in VICI, but we have a phenomenal alternative for these young swimmers that will get them race ready and it won’t break your budget! 

NOVA, A3 Performance’s innovative entry-level racing suit, is designed and developed knit fabric and sewn seams (making it USA Swimming approved) and with features of elite tech suits like compression technology and water repellency. NOVA actually outperformed many elite (and expensive) racing suits from other big brands in testing.

NOVA is available in two colors, black and navy, and it’s available in three styles – female tank, female kneeskin, and male jammer. Get your 12 & Under race ready for under $120 with NOVA.

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For the Racer!

The last year or so has affected who we race and how often we race them, but it can’t affect how we race! With so many things around us changing, swim meets look a lot different and there’s really no telling when they’ll be back to “normal.” Racing isn’t cancelled, you can’t cancel it, it just looks different. It’s important to remember that racing is not about the people in the stands or the crowded warm down pools – it’s about the race!

No matter where or when you’re racing, swimmers deserve to feel race ready and a racing suit is part of that feeling. VICI is the racing suit swimmers deserve. It’s the most innovative tech suit on the market, it’s fast, it’s well-built, it’s comfortable, it comes in several styles and numerous awesome colorways, and it’s under $400! Not to mention, all VICI male jammers come with the exclusive FITLOCK – a proprietary A3 innovation designed to lock your suit in place and found only in A3 Performance male racing suits!

Over Cyber Week, we unveiled LIMITED EDITION VICI Colorways! Be the first of only a few to have a limited edition color VICI! Trust us, we know you’re going to LOVE them. 



Did we mention that VICI gets FREE flat rate shipping too?! Well, it does! You’ll be stacking on the discounts with this product! It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Still have questions or need a recommendation for a special swimmer in your life, even after reading our holiday gift guide? Check out the A3 Performance Featured Holiday Collection for more special products and special sales. Keep in mind, we're more than happy to help you find the perfect gift. Text us at 608.573.5038 or email us at and we'll give you our best recommendation.

For more information regarding our holiday hours and shipping recommendations, please visit us here.


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November 23, 2020 — Elle Meinholz

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